Well, in order to try to make life a bit simpler and add a bit of order to this chaotic world of blogging… i decided to start using categories (as WordPress calls them — tag is the name everyone else uses) based on the arXivs (as you can see in the posts below).

So, if you want, you can look for something like this… and, if more people start adopting this standard… maybe we’ll really be able to organize posts that deal with material from the arXivs in a comprehensive way.😉

Have fun… []’s!🙂

5 Responses to “Tagging…”

  1. Friday, 21 Sep 2007; \38\UTC\UTC\k 38 at 09:12:02 UTC

    Daniel, compare this tag http://del.icio.us/tag/arxivs with http://del.icio.us/tag/arxiv and
    http://technorati.com/posts/tag/arxivs with http://technorati.com/posts/tag/arxiv . I think you want to use the singular. The folks of the folksonomies have spoken and decided on the singular.

  2. Friday, 21 Sep 2007; \38\UTC\UTC\k 38 at 09:17:04 UTC

    Professor: Great to have you here!🙂

    The singular it is… vox populi, vox dei.😉


  3. Friday, 21 Sep 2007; \38\UTC\UTC\k 38 at 11:36:25 UTC

    E como você “categorizou” o post anterior como “ArXiv” (sem o “s” final), quando se clica no ¨like this”, aparece:

    Tag: Arxivs

    Sorry, we don’t have any posts here with that tag. You may want to try one of the sites below.

    “Computers don’t argue…”

  4. Friday, 21 Sep 2007; \38\UTC\UTC\k 38 at 11:49:23 UTC

    Oi João,

    Na verdade, o que eu fiz foi “renomear” a tal ‘tag’, ingenuamente achando que tudo iria ser renomeado automaGicamente…😦

    Mas, tudo bem…


  5. Friday, 21 Sep 2007; \38\UTC\UTC\k 38 at 11:50:37 UTC


    Hah! Eu não tinha visto quando escrevi o comentário acima… mas, acabei de notar: Até que a programação do WordPress não é tão ruim assim: A renomeação automáGica dos tags já foi feita e tudo deve estar funcionando normalmente. Foi só um ‘buffer time’.😉


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